I recently released an article on the fans’ predictions on teams and players to watch, along with their winner of the Premier League. I received a special response from Cyrus Izibili, who wanted to share his opinion on a number of topics.  STILL TO BE FINISHED
Who is your player to watch?

Pogba registered 5 assists and scored 10 goals last season, with an average pass success rate of 84%.


Cyrus Izibili: Pogba

I chose Paul Pogba because with the addition of Matic and the removal of Rooney at Manchester we will finally see a more flexible, fast and dominant Mourinho side. This may be the first opportunity for THE Pogboom to come out and express his full potential and not just an emoji or dab. Let us not forget the link up play with the likes of Lukaku and Mikhi. We may finally see the Pogba of Juventus, which is now a bargain in comparison to Neymar’s  price tag that eclipsed his transfer fee. Paul is the man. A little hot tempered at times but otherwise magical. Classy and powerful with a flair to charm sister and make your mother smile.

What is your team to watch this season?

Known for winning league titles in his second season at a club, will Mourinho bring the Premier league trophy back to Old Trafford?

Cyrus Izibili: Manchester United

Three years too long for Utd away from the Champions League but, it is three years of development for Man Utd that were critical to their reintroduction. I despise Moyes’ weakness and LVG’s lack of tactical awareness or too much tactical awareness. It left United weak minded and the difference was shown clearly in the Super Cup loss. They couldn’t handle Modric, Kroos or the tank, Casemiro at all. Most importantly, United have time to improve before they meet other European giants again. United have a solid spine that they can build on, that has depth to compete with.

Overall, I feel Mourinho purchased the necessary pieces to his jigsaw puzzle. The addition of Lindelof, Lukaku and two possible further transfers (hopefully Perisic and Aurier) will play very well to Mourinho’s versatile tactics. Mou is known for his second seasons. This [second] season he is equipped with players who are motivated and actually have quality. A young side, yet seasoned and sumptuous. United may just give Manchester City a run for their money. At the end of the day it adds value to the EPL. I’d love to see the two battle it out to the end.

So your winner of the Premier League is?

Manchester City’s ambition is to win the quadruple in what chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak says will be “a massive year” for the club and Guardiola this season.

Cyrus Izibili: Manchester City

For the record, the top 6 will look like this: Man City, Man United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and then Chelsea.

City is a team that adapted sufficiently well to Pep’s style of football in the EPL, as according to last season’s high finish.The addition of the best full backs the market can offer and a versatile set of keepers to his forward and midfield options, City are the team to beat but, that’s if they all gel.

Interestingly, Pep is known for his charismatic style that may put some players off. Aguero did have a change of mood mid-season and that cost City a lot last year. If Pep and Abu Dhabi manage their assets effectively they may be unbeatable this season but, let’s not forget the trouble at the spine. Stones’ inconsistency, Otamendi’s rebellious nature and one knock to Kompany without an adequate replacement is quite frankly their bane. Let me not over criticise the Cityzens as they do have the ability to be consistent and take the EPL but then again, so does Arsenal :3 . 

Who do you think will finish top scorer this season?

Since moving to England, Lukaku has scored 106 goals. He has only started 185 matches.

Cyrus Izibili: Romelu Lukaku

Romelu, Romelu, Romelu, “When seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea”. The quote still makes no sense but what makes sense is if Lukaku could pop 2X goals with Everton and then moves to United. Romelu’s maturity and the togetherness United is a sexy mix. He will live to score as if he needs it to breathe. A special talent who has proven himself countless of times. 85 goals at 24 is MAUD. That said, I hope Zlatan returns and claims the number 10 shirt. It would boost the club morale and bring great banter, necessary wisdom and healthy competition before he gets a warm farewell.

Speaking of competition, we see a healthy internal rivalry at United. Rashford, Lingard (No Cyrus please no) and Toto [Martial] have so much to prove and will have their eyes on the iconic 7 jersey. Well not really but, nonetheless much to prove. This young era of players is key to United’s consistency on the field. It is just the United way. The older players will be on their toes and the younger players will want to emulate the young success. It is much like how Ronaldo boasted United becoming CR7, he [Ronaldo] knew he had to be the best and the rest followed. This definitely encouraged United to the quartet 08-09.

This era, United will rely on the goals that Lukaku will bring and the target man role he will play as this will push them to score from other parts of the field. We know United of old would have a goal average of 20 from defenders, 30 from midfield and 40 from the forwards. It would be great to see this new United become as lethal as the old. United should get these goal targets as they have threats at all angles and a superb defensive spine to compete and compete well.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them claim all four major titles this season but, I’m more than certain the focus will be on the EPL, which they have a great chance of winning.

Who will be the top keeper of the league?

David de Gea amassed 3,420 minutes of playing time for United last season, scoring 0 goals and registering 0 assists. 

Cyrus Izibili: David De Gea

It is hard to call the MVP keeper in the league. There will be a few honorable mentions in all clubs with the resources they have available to them however, I feel that I will focus on DDG with the world cup around the corner and the forever thirsty Real Madrid. De Gea will continue his progress because his ambition and passion will lead him wisely. It is somewhat written in the stars. DDG succeeds at United and moves to Real to claim all their. The next GOAT of the goal. He has the quality of a leader on and off the field and his ability to orchestrate his defenders before diving left and right, whilst strong in the centre will be vital to United’s chances of winning the league. Already a hero at the club, I only hope he stays to win it all at United first.

Who will be king of assists?

On the opening weekend of the 2017/18 Premier League season, Ozil created the most chances (4) of any player. 

Cyrus Izibili: Mesut Ozil

Again, a few honorable mentions of Kevin de Bruyne, Eriksen and David Silva. I personally crave the classy Ozil through balls. Now that Arsenal have a flexible attacking option of Laca, Welbz, Giroud and Sanchez we may see a significant change in the mentality of the Gunners however, you never know what fuckries Wenger may throw at you mid season. Might put Theo upfront with his bent foot. FFS, Arsenal gave my parents hypertension, they will not succeed with me.

Although a quality coach who is out of anymore chances. If he fails to do something big, I don’t mean EFL Cup, FA Cup or Shield. I’m talking Champions of England or Europe then, I’m sorry to say but the club will succumb to uncertainty and anxiousness will feed on the minds of the players who are already sceptical but in it to win it and give it one more go. Ozil and Sanchez especially.

Who is your wildcard team?

They showed me the project and I like the ambition. I’m excited, we must play good football” – Marco Silva

Cyrus Izibili: Watford

I notice that Watford have signed a number of young English players. Since this is the penultimate year before the world cup we will see a hungry Watford side. I choose them as my wide card team to shine in the EPL this season.

It is not only the young English players but the young side itself; it is a team that have a some potential but will truly need to focus to make any impact or finish top 10, as this season will be lit AF. Palace and Southampton are a good shout but nothing as solid as Watford’s spine.

Don’t sleep on my Watford gang, I bet they’ll demolish Everton and any other mediocre side that try them as long as Cleverly is on the bench, for the love of football.

Finally, if you had to choose a wildcard player, who would it be?

Is Coutinho the man to fill Neymar’s boots for a desperate Barca side? The Liverpool man registered 7 assists and scored 13 goals last season, winning the mote award 8 times. 

Cyrus Izibili: Philippe Coutinho

If this special talent does not leave Liverpool this window or in January, we will see a revived Liverpool side ready to compete and compete well. I do fear Cou’s departure and shame on him for leaving Liverpool. It seems every time Liverpool are about to complete their puzzle some shit just has to happen. Torres injury, Suarez departure, Gerrard slip. Shame. I feel for them, Kop and Klopp, not really… but I understand that Barca may make an offer that he can’t refuse. It already got Dembele banned for crying out loud.

If Cou does stay, he will be destined to stand out with the help of Klopp’s new signings and the likes of Mané, Salah and Firmino to help. The man is literally crying out for attention, which I admire because he is ambitious and walks the walk. A little selfish at times and a YouTube video merchant but as long as he can focus on sustaining good fitness, less flair and more direct football we will definitely see a side similar to Klopp’s former Dortmund. Smart, physical and focused.

Maybe, after he gives it a go he can move. Such a silly prick tbh. He shouldn’t rush to Barca like that. He better make up for it.