Prediction time again! Last time we had no winners and all losers, but what a game we saw (5-3 Man city vs Monaco final score).

This time I’m focusing on the return leg of Barcelona vs PSG. Messi and co were embarrassed outplayed and how were they out-shined by the French champions in Paris three weeks ago; but can Barcelona create history and become the first team to overturn a 4-0, away, first leg deficit? If Barcelona cannot do this, it will be their earliest exit in the competition since they failed to reach the quarter finals in 2006/07 against Liverpool.

Luis Enrique had this to say on the match: “If a team can score four against us then we can score six against them”. So clearly he is predicting a 6-0 thrashing at the Camp Nou.

Now let’s see what my friends say…

albanAlban de Germiny

The Aristocrat voices his opinion again..

Prediction record: Lost 1.

About him: Demanded that he be first at the predictions for a second week running. Has recently gone on a no bread or pasta diet. The reason why, is because he had pasta four times last week, along with bagels for lunch. Once claimed he feels like his life is a dream. He is yet to attend a class this week.

Prediction for the game:  Took a while to get it out of him.

2-1 Barca. I want to believe that Barcelona are not the team they used to be.

matthieuMatthieu 2pac de Villiers

Prediction record: Lost 1.

About him: Recently been chatting to his cousin’s stalker telling her that she should dab like Pogba. He has come to realise how crazy she is, even making two fb accounts to talk to Matthieu. Stopped gymming 5 times a week, claims he’s reached his peak.

Prediction: 4-2 Barca. Umtiti plays as Shadow striker, scores hat trick –  two headers and a volley. Messi scores a penalty and a racist scandal explodes as Saurez spits on Kimpembe.

ManiEmmanuel Poggi/Mani/ Mani Pacquiao

Prediction record: We’ll find out tonight.

About him: Often shits with the door open…even in front of his girlfriend. Always loses at fifa, didn’t even score one goal at his first Fifa tournament. Believes he has the world’s fastest sex thrust. Friends tell me in Chile he always walked round naked in the apartment, some would call him an exhibitionist.

Prediction: I think messi will score a double in the first 20 minutes and things will get interesting. However I don’t see PSG not scoring so I’m going to go for 3-1 Barca.

HenriHenri Dufourcq/Henri Dafook/Henri di Conquistador

Prediction record: We’ll see tonight.

About him: The dark horse in Fifa tournaments. He allegedly won the Vietnamese GoKart competition of U-19, being the only white driver. First ever white to win. Once became paralysed after dancing all night on holiday, he could no longer walk the next day and had to take the plane in a wheelchair. Spent 6 months in a chinese boarding school, raising the Chinese flag every morning at 6a.m. We understand his deep-rooted passion for communism.

Prediction: 3-1 Barca for sho. Clearly messi is on for the hat trick while thiago silva will put a massive header for PSG.

SamuelSamuel Derville/Samchouu

Prediction record: Lost 1.

About him: Still more than ever, enough about me more about me. Claimed he was 20-games unbeaten at Fifa, when he played all those games against players much lower than his level. Took 4 weeks to introduce his girlfriend to one of his best friends and fellow housemate. Has become a changed man since he’s been in a relationship. For example: he now cleans his room everyday, makes his bed and sings and dances in the morning.

Prediction: 2-2. 2-1 Barca, they attack at the end and PSG counter attack to make it 2-2.


GabrielGabriel James/Gabz

Prediction record: We’ll see tonight

About him: Known for the famous affair Dreyfus in second year. Visited a friend in Chile and managed to go back home with a Chilean girl despite his incapacity to speak Spanish.  Once, got really angry at a club and was the author of a famous scandal in bridge (nightclub).

Prediction: 2-1 for PSG, 1-1 at the end of the first half. I can see Messi scoring the first but Verrati crushing their hopes just before the end of the first half.


Bastien Domercq

Prediction: Lost 1.
About him: On one of his runs in Paris, he was running over a bridge when he heard a big crack under his foot. Unwilling to stop his running momentum, he turned his head to look back at what happened. He had crushed the head of a rat. He recalls on his walk back that ‘the rat was still there, blood everywhere, head crushed, I felt so bad’.
Prediction: 4-1 Barca. Suarez, Neymar all score in the first half to give Barca hope. Umtiti gets the 4th in the second half by hammering one into the top corner. It’s all set for extra-time but it’s a last minute corner for PSG… and Verratti leaps over Pique to score a bullet header and knock Barca out.

Constantin Tricaud/Tricaud/Coco/Coco na Chanel

Prediction record: We’ll see tonight.

About him: Recently surprised everyone when he reached the final of the Fifa tournament after having exited in the group stage and scoring 0 goals in the previous tournament. His famous night at Motion, Bristol. Refused entrance into a club, scaled the building to try and get in until the bouncers spotted and chased after him. He had thought he escaped once he jumped off the other side of the building…only for one bouncer to rugby tackle him to the ground. He was later handcuffed outside the club for 3 hours and received a warning by the police.

Prediction: 2-1 Barca. Barca will press high, get the first two goals, then magical opening for veratti to draxler with a cool finish on the 72nd min.

adrienAdrien van den Abeele/AV

Prediction record: We’ll see tonight.

About him:  A Belgian who loves his hunting. Was lost after a festival for 48 hours. His friends were going to Hvar (festival in Croatia) from Berlin, and he never made the flight. Instead, he took the train back from the festival, made the first change but fell asleep on the second one and woke up in Hamburg… From there he went to Munich and took a bus to Split the next day.  He was last spotted outside a club in the middle of nowhere, he had his backpack on his back and was wondering around Hvar looking for his pals. Once playing a game of no bounce in his housemate’s, Constantin’s, room. Throughout the game he was warning us not to jump for the ball on Constantin’s bed as it would risk breaking it even further. Of course Adrien is the one who dedicates himself too much to the game that he jumped for a header and subsequently landed on his  bed, breaking multiple bars.

Prediction: I want to be that annoying guy and say 5-0 PSG out

HariHari Jaswal/Jaswal

Prediction record: Lost 1

About him: Best manager on FM. Loves staying in hotels with his girlfriend. Favourite food is butter chicken and butter naan with extra butter. Friends with Alex Silk since 2002. Sells spatulas at work.

Prediction:  4-1 Barca. All 4 Barca goals scored by Sergio Busquets, who is selected as striker after Suarez gets injured in warmup, Busquets slide tackled him moments before kick off which brings controversy. Maxwell haunts his old club with last gasp goal that ends their hopes of qualifying Enrique criticises Messi post match after he was dispossessed too often, claiming ‘if only Leo could evade their defenders as well as he evades his taxes’.

alex silkAlexander Silk/Silky

Prediction record: Lost 1

About him: There will not be a day where he doesn’t swear. Quits a club on fm after 2 games. Recently got battered by me on Fifa, losing all three games without scoring.  Can take every word in the English dictionary and misspell it, doesn’t go to Villa away games.

Prediction: I think psg 2-1, hold the aggregate but counter Barca.

DrauzAlex Drauz/Drauz/Drauzy

Prediction record: We’ll see tonight

About him: The defensive midfielder in football. Loves Dortmund. Thinks every girl in Bridge is ugly.

Prediction: Barca to fall just short, will win 3-0. What reasoning do you want? Pretty hard to get back from the result in the first leg. You not doing a dortmund one? That’s rude. We not a big enough club? Whats your REASONING?


stavros 2
 Stavros Constantinou/Stav/Stavvy C
Prediction record: Lost 1
About him: Will be best friends with any girl. Often likes to send voice notes making weird noises. The best chef. He once ordered chocolate covered locust as a snack.
Prediction: 2-1 Barca! They will fight harder to win because they have to win! They will score I think and I believe dominate the game as PSG may get complacent! PSG know Barca will come out all attack cause if they go out they’ll want to at least fight so perfect for counter attack…think Barca will win game but can’t see PSG not scoring and I really think counter attack will be the way they do it, unless they are cheeky and look for a penalty. We shall see
Hmmm I’d say for me, my prediction will be 5-1 Barcelona. They have the best attack in the whole, wide, world!