Tuesday, 21st February, 19:45pm. Man city v Monaco in the first leg of the Champions League First Knockout Round. Asked my friends to give me their predictions, here are their thoughts. Let’s see who wins tomorrow!

Man City vs Monaco

The Aristocrat voices his opinion on the game.

Alban de Germiny/Max/And recently – Peter

About him:  Rarely attends classes, watches on average 4/5 series a year, puts his alarm at 12pm to avoid waking up late.

Team(s) he supports: Arsenal, Real Madrid

Team(s) he likes: Bournemouth, Everton

Prediction – I think City will win 2-1 or 3-1.


Matthieu de Villiers

About him: Self proclaimed best defence on Fifa in Bath. Never saw his housemates in the first semester (3 months!) of Second year, instead he lived at my house. Once came back after a heavy night out and had the option to sleep in two free double beds but chose the 3rd option of jumping in a bed with two people already in it.

Team(s) he supports: Manchester United

Team(s) he likes: Monaco, EIBAR, Bernardo Silva…if he was a team

Prediction: 5-0 Monaco

What a photo

Samuel Derville/Archibald

About him: Enough about me more about me. Failed to win the two Fifa tournaments held. Fierce supporter of the footballer Max Clayton. Once at the gym, a friend desperately needed help lifting the bench press, only for Samuel to tell him to wait as he was texting his father. Thankfully I was there.

Team(s) he supports: Bordeaux, Real Madrid. Also, any team that’s winning.

Team(s) he likes: EIBAR, and now recently Manchester United due to the increasing number of French players.

Prediction: 3-1 or 2-1 to Monaco.

You can always find him at festivals.

Bastien Domercq

About him: He disappoints in Fifa tournaments despite being one of the favourites. Once, slit his eyebrow, for some reason in the middle (his choice), after losing at the game Odds On.

Team(s) he supports: Arsenal

Team(s) he likes: Fulham

Prediction: 2-1 City.

Reppin’ the ends of 38 Gillhurst Road

Alexander William Beech (Bitch) Silk/Al – a nickname the group gave him, and not Alex himself. 

About him: Self acknowledges himself as best Fifa player in his friendship group. Once, asked ‘how does a steak turn blue?’ Regularly gets kicked out of the WhatsApp Group. Also called Kylian Mbappé  and Thomas Lemar – Unbappe and Lamer.

Team(s) he supports: Aston Villa

Team(s) he likes: Dortmund

Prediction – 3-1 Man City. Or a calm 1-1.

I couldn’t explain to you what is going on here

Hari Jaswal/Hari fishwal/Fishy Jaswal

About him: Often out by 10 pm at house parties. The person who kicks Alex Silk out of the group chat the most. Once asked if he would date this girl, replying, “I find her hot but I wouldn’t quit my job and move to the South of France with her”.

Team(s) he supports: Liverpool

Team(s) he likes: Bournemouth, Burnley, Monaco

Prediction: 6-6, double hat tricks for Glik and Zabaleta.

Literally got in the car, drove to the end of the road, turned left, I failed. Carried on with the 40 min driving test.

Stavros Andreas Constantinou/Stav

About him: First kiss with his girlfriend was in a First World War simulated trench. Once had to ring up the porn site Brazzers to rescue the £200 taken out of his account. Loves to annoy Alex Silk in the group chat. Failed his driving test literally 30 seconds in.

Team(s) he supports: Man United

Team(s) he likes: Leyton Orient, Mälmo, EIBAR

Prediction: 2-1. Monaco. City shit, Falcao on fire right now, he’ll do the business.

Egypt’s finest (right)

Ramez Ayad

About him: Believes he is the best football analyst. Often attacks Kamil’s footballing analysis. He once thought it was a good idea to try to play football casually, a month after tearing his ACL, only to tear it even more.

Team(s) he supports: Arsenal

Team(s) he likes: Atletico Madrid

Prediction: 3-1 city oryt lads

Genuinely Abe’s fb’s profile pic

Abrahim Saadi/Abe

About him: Once carried the box of grapes from the kitchen to the living room, claiming the grapes are for some reason really watery. Only to realise, the box was dripping with water all over his hands and on the floor from the kitchen to the living room. Regularly got sent out of English class in school. Claims Ramez Ayad has lost his analytical credibility.

Team(s) he supports: Manchester United

Team(s) he likes: “Mumbai tigers mate. DBS under 18 female squad mate, class talent.”

Prediction: “Do u want me to ruin it and tell u who wins the champions league? Monaco to have pep pulling his transplant stitches out. No chance this dead city team without Jesus are favourites. I say 0-0 first game”

Look at that smile

Kamil Hijaz

About him: Once threw a Dokha pipe at his female friend instead of his younger brother Tamer after he accidentally ran over Kamil’s foot.

Team he supports: Liverpool

Team he likes: Dortmund,  because of the polish players and style. “Young boys- legendary club”. Atletico Madrid

Prediction: 1-1, 2-1.

Yep, this is dawg

Aghilès Ourad/Agi/Poorad

About him: Short fuse, especially when getting smashed at Fifa by his younger brother. Once called me up to tell me he had eaten 8 packets of crisps. While playing football for his school team, he slid in dog shit,  earning the nickname Agi Poorad.

Team(s) he supports: Manchester United

Team(s) he likes: Inter Milan

Prediction: Inchallah 5-0 Monaco. Capitulation by City, Kolarov sent off, Bravo passes a ball straight to Mbappé. 


For the record, my prediction is 3-3. Both attacks are deadly.